Making the Switch to Vaping

Holding a Cigarette

I had a few challenges with the e-ciggie when I got my first one. It was easy to misplace the thing and then after searching for it for a while, I got mad and just lit an analog one. The other big one was finding the correct strength of e-liquid and general portioning. I used to smoke 2 packs a day so at first I thought that buying stronger liquid would be better, but what I didn’t take into equation was the fact that I have a habit of smoking. Meaning that most times when I smoke (or now vape), it’s not because I need the nicotine, it’s because of the habit. I need to have something in my hand. I need to have something to do. So at first when I vaped strong liquid all the time, I did too much a few times. I had no idea how much I had been vaping. Cigarettes you can count but with e-ciggie it’s more difficult, so I  just kept vaping until I’d had too much.

I needed to kick my old habits and start forming new ones. First I changed to a bit milder liquid so I could keep my habit of having a ciggie in my hand all the time. Then I started filling the cartridges a bit less, so that I have to refill mofe often. I checked the manufacturer’s site for tips on how much liquid equals how much cigarettes. So now I fill the cartridge jut enough to have about 1-2 cigarettes worth of liquid in there. Now I can count again. I stopped doing too much and I can still vape almost all the time, just like I want to.

I’m still working on the misplacing my e-cigarette all the time. Luckily they have pretty cool cases available for them now, so it’s almost like having that good old pack of smokes in my pocket. It’s much harder to lose/misplace than having just the e-cig.

Also I formed a habit of “Default places where I put it after use”. Just like with analog smokes, you’ve formed a habit of placing the pack and your lighter in your pocket or on the table or whatever and that’s where you will find them every time. I just had to learn to do the same with this new device. I still sometimes misplace it, but much less. And I now have a place where I keep my e-liquids and I’ve never lost any of those those. Getting there. Getting there.

Hope this gives you ideas to form your vaping habits so that you can have it smooth and  easy. Happy Vaping!

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