How to Use An E-Cigarette

InsertPic_9CBD(1(12-18-19-39-35)Most of the e-cigarettes are very similar to use. You have the battery, atomizer and some kind of cartridge. First time you charge your battery, it is normally advised to keep it in the charger for a ridiculously long time to reach the maximum capacity, however, I’m not that patient and all my batteries have always been fine with less time at the first charge. The battery type used in e-cigarettes is not a long lasting one and you’ll have to replace it from time to time.

It usually takes a couple of hours for the battery to be fully charged. Then what you do is simple. You screw the battery to the atomizer, put some liquid in the cartridge (or don’t if you bought pre-filled) and attach the cartridge to the thing. Depending on the make and model etc. there might be some additional steps like burning off the storage liquid that some models have in the atomizer to keep it from getting too dry for a too long time. You should always check the instructions that come with the box.

So now we’re ready to start vaping. Most batteries on e-cigs are automatic, so they will activate as soon as you suck the tip of the cartridge. This will start the atomizer which will vaporize the liquid in the cartridge and yayyyy now you’re smoking:)

Now now. E-cigarette is usually smoked a bit different way than manual ciggie. For maximum result it is suggested that you take long calm puffs. When you stop getting decent vapor/taste it usually indicates that either your battery is running low or you need to add more e-liquid in your cartridge.

NOTE: It’s generally not a good idea to flood the cartridge with liquid. Some of the excess liquid might get stuck in your atomizer and over time it will result in foul tasting vapor. Also you need to take care of your atomizer. See instructions for that *here*

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