How to Take Care of Your Atomizer Tanks


Taking Care Of Your Atomizer

Taking care of your atomizer is one of the most important things. Cleaning it well makes it last longer and also prevents excess liquid getting stuck in there and causing problems like stale or just plain disgusting tasting vapor etc. You should be careful when cleaning up your atomizer, though. You don’t want to damage it. Here’s a few good ways to clean your atomizer.

1. Blowing and dripping

Sounds like something x-rated straight from the depths of the internet but it’s actually probably the safest way to clean your atomizer. Not the most effective but very safe. What you do is you screw all the other parts (battery and cartridge) off and hold the atomizer the cartridge end down. You place a paper tissue under it and then gently blow some air through the battery end. You can also leave it on the table, paper under it, dripping stuff out over night.

2. Water

You can wash you atomizer under hot water to remove the stale taste of the old e-liquid that is stuck in there. Before using it again, make sure to wait a few hours or so until it’s dried well.

3. Burning the old stuff off

Now this is effective, but also a bit risky as it can damage your atomizer if something goes wrong. This works best with a manual battery, the kind that starts when you press a button on it. What you do is attach the atomizer to the battery, without the cartridge and then trigger the battery few times for about 5 sec at a time. You need to be careful not to overheat your atomizer, so take a break if it heats too much. After drying up all the excess liquid from your atomizer it is suggested to add a few drops of liquid straight to the atomizer before the next use.

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