Basic E-Cig Help and Troubleshooting

vermont-92-percent-ecig-taxAs with all electronic gadgets, sometimes your e-cigarette isn’t working as you would like it to. Here’s a few general troubleshooting tips, but before we go on, please do check the manufacturer’s tips first, read their manual. They made the thing so they should know what to do if something is wrong.

There’s a few common problems that might occur, especially if you’re new to vaping. Remember that you need to replace some parts of your vapor cigarette from time to time. Your atomizer won’t last forever and your re-fillable cartridges will get old and disgusting at some point. They are luckily easy and often very cheap to replace.

Anyway, here’s a few common problems and some tips that may help fix them.

-The vapor is poor and I feel I’m not getting any nicotine out of the thing – There’s a few possible reasons for this, the easy ones are that either your battery power is running low or there’s something wrong with your atomizer. We suggest that you first make sure that your battery is fully charged and if the problem persists then check the other options. One common thing that especially beginners tend to do is over flooding your cartridge with liquid. This may result in your cartridge getting clogged and you may not get the desired result when you’re vaping. If this is the case you can either change your cartridge, or take the filling in your cartridge out and dry the excess liquid out. Or you can keep vaping as long as you can without re-filling it hoping to get rid of most of the excess liquid in there.

If your battery is fully charged and your cartridge is ok then your atomizer may be on it’s last legs. Remember that you need to take good care of your atomizer and clean it from time to time.

-The vapor tastes stale/bad – It’s probably time to clean your atomizer. Old unused e-liquid may be clogging your atomizer and causing the bad taste. Instructions on cleaning up your atomizer can be found here.

-Vapor tastes burned or brings a burning sensation in throat when inhaling – There’s probably something in your atomizer that doesn’t belong there. Most likely it’s a piece of the filling of your cartridge. Clean it and make sure the filling doesn’t get in the atomizer and you should be golden.

-Atomizer gets super hot super fast – This may again be due to the cartridge being clogged. That can cause the hot vapor to get stuck in the atomizer because it can’t escape the other way. If the cartridge is ok the issue might be just the battery being activated for too long at once but most e-cigarettes have a safety feature that will turn the battery off if you take too long puffs. This is to prevent the atomizer over heating and getting damaged.

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